Victoria Abad Kerblat is a Franco- Filipino artist, from a family deeply rooted in Batanes, northern most part of the Philippines.

A biologist by training, specializing in tropical medicine, she left her country in 1979 to work in refugee camps, initially in Thailand, where she met her husband Bernard Kerblat. She then worked, travelled and lived in 3 continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. She is currently living in Manila and is strongly associated with all the art projects of Fundacion Pacita in order to perpetuate the legacy of her late sister Pacita Abad, a well-known International artist. It is her sister who encouraged her to pursue a career in art. Over time, she undertook art courses in Thailand, France and Switzerland.

Her career as a painter developed further when she went to live in France, near the Swiss border of Geneva, where her growing sons pursued their education. While in France, her grandmother Paulette Blanchenay (Bernard's grandmother), also a known artist, influenced her to do watercolor.

Her painting is characterized by constant evolution in styles and patterns. She began with portraits of refugees from the hill tribes of Laos, and was then greatly influenced by the colors of Southern Africa, soil, land, vegetation, skies, light. After exhibiting in many countries, she explored and experimented different art media. This is when Asian materials, using natural pigment, were incorporated in her paintings, realized in Europe. She now introduces recycled materials with the intent that younger generations will appreciate the inherent beauty of it.

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Victoria Abad Kerblat

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